There are a range of benefits that come with installing solar
panels, including:
  • Save money! Generate your own energy through solar and reduce your reliance on electricity, saving you money with each electricity bill. You can even sell your surplus energy back to the grid, potentially giving you a credit on your bill!
  • Invest in your home –installing a solar power system can be a valued asset when the time comes to sell your home. Upgrading your home with solar panels can be a fast and easy way to help make your home more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Support our environment – every solar system installed helps offset Co2 greenhouse emissions, helping the environment
  • Decrease your energy reliance – investing in sustainable and renewable energy reduces your reliance on traditional (and increasingly expensive) energy providers
  • Easy to maintain – once your system is installed, there is little that needs to be hone to ensure that your panels are always working at their full potential

We’ll be honest – there are plenty of retailers for solar and you have choice. By choosing Solar Dimension you are choosing a local North Queensland, Family owned and operated company who will sit down with you to customise a package to meet your needs.

We will be with you every step of the way from initial thinking to install, and then after with you post-sale service. As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, you know that we are committed to industry best practice, and our lengthy warranties will ensure your investment is protected.

The choice is yours – and we would love to work with you.

Solar Dimension’s preferred suppliers include

We work with these suppliers because we trust the quality of the products
to provide the appropriate choice for families. We will ensure to recommend the right product
for you, based on your needs and budget.

This will depend on various factors, including your family’s energy usage, the size of your roof, and your budget. Contact us for a visit from a Solar Dimension consultant to discuss your options.

Yes, we do! Contact us for a visit from a Solar Dimension consultant to discuss your options.

Solar power is an investment that will last for years to come – backed by the
following warranties:
  • 25 year Performance Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 10 year Product Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 10 year battery warranty
  • 5+ year inverter warranty (depending on product)

We do! We build this into the price you are quoted and manage this all as part of the sale, so you don’t need to worry.

Solar Dimension offers the following warranties for your solar system
  • 25 year Performance Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 10 year Product Warranty on Solar Panels
  • 10 year battery warranty
  • 5+ year inverter warranty (depending on product)

In our after-sales care, we would have showed you how to work your inverter and monitor the solar usage you are getting. We recommend keeping on eye on this information regularly, and identifying if there are any changes.

Your solar panels would have been positioned in the best possible place to capture energy. However, ensure that this doesn’t get obstructed. Check out for tree growth or new structures that might be impacting your solar panels.

Maybe – additional solar panels can be added if the inverter installed can handle the power input, and if there is enough room! If some cases, and inverter may need to be upgraded.

In the first instance, give us a call and we will work out what the issue is. We will work with you, and our suppliers and installers, to fix the issue in a timely manner.

Once your system is installed, it doesn’t take much to ensure your solar panels are always working at their full potential.

The amount of roof space will depend on the size of the system and which panels you choose. When you request a quote, we will come to you with options based on your roof space and positioning.

  • We only use quality local CEC approved solar installers, choosing the right installer, specialised for your situation.
  • Larger buying power and greater brand supply to suit your needs.
  • Expertly trained staff who know more than just the electrical installation, proficient in all facets of the Solar system from design to solar technology to post sale support.
  • Knowledge of all government grants and incentives.

There are 2 main types of financial incentives for installing Power:

  1. When your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, it is sent to the power grid, creating a credit on your bill in the form of a feed-in tariff.
  2. STC’s (Small-Scale Technology Certificates). Considered as a discount to your Solar System installation, as part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, Properties are eligible for STC’s dependant on the size of the system installed and the location of your property.

Contact us for more information.

The Clean Energy Council works with the ACCC to ensure the home owner is protected and a quality system is supplied and installed, partnered with CEC approved installers.

Only Clean Energy Approved Retailers are permitted to offer Australian Government Solar Incentives to home owners.

Every Electricity bill is different, and the size of your system will depend on your requirement and budget. Solar Dimension consultants are expertly trained to design a specialled system to suit your needs.

We cater for all solar system requirements. From grid connects, hybrid and off grid systems. Contact us for a free evaluation to suit your needs.

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