Our Systems


  • 6kw+ System
  • High Quality Panels
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Post Sale Support
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  • 6kw+System
  • High Quality Panels
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Post Sale Support
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  • 6kw+ System
  • Premium Efficiency
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Post Sale Monitoring and Support
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  • Ideal for shaded properties
  • Ideal for small roof spaces
  • Optimised Solar Efficiency
  • Post Sale Premium Monitoring and Support
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Why choose Solar Dimension?


Our family owned and operated business services all of the North Queensland Region.


We know the solar power business inside and out. Our network includes local electricians and installers based in your area.


We are proud to be an Approved Clean Energy Solar Retailer through the Clean Energy Council, recognising our commitment to best practice


We have access to a wide range of solar panels, inverters and solar equipment specialised for the tropical North Queensland region including ABB, Fronius CELLS, SERAPHIM, ET SOLAR, CANADIAN SOLAR, LONGI & much more.

From premium to value solar systems we have the expert advice to get you what you need.


Financial Incentives available for systems up to 100kw. Link to solar incentives page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Power is a clean energy source. The power from the Sun is converted into power for your property thus saving you money (reducing your power bill) whilst helping the environment (reducing carbon emissions).

Once your system is installed, it doesn’t take much to ensure your solar panels are always working at their full potential.

The amount of roof space will depend on the size of the system and which panels you choose. When you request a quote, we will come to you with options based on your roof space and positioning.

  • We only use quality local CEC approved solar installers, choosing the right installer, specialised for your situation.
  • Larger buying power and greater brand supply to suit your needs.
  • Expertly trained staff who know more than just the electrical installation, proficient in all facets of the Solar system from design to solar technology to post sale support.
  • Knowledge of all government grants and incentives.

There are 2 main types of financial incentives for installing Power:

  1. When your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, it is sent to the power grid, creating a credit on your bill in the form of a feed-in tariff.
  2. STC’s (Small-Scale Technology Certificates). Considered as a discount to your Solar System installation, as part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, Properties are eligible for STC’s dependant on the size of the system installed and the location of your property.

Contact us for more information.

The Clean Energy Council works with the ACCC to ensure the home owner is protected and a quality system is supplied and installed, partnered with CEC approved installers.

Only Clean Energy Approved Retailers are permitted to offer Australian Government Solar Incentives to home owners.

Every Electricity bill is different, and the size of your system will depend on your requirement and budget. Solar Dimension consultants are expertly trained to design a specialled system to suit your needs.

We cater for all solar system requirements. From grid connects, hybrid and off grid systems. Contact us for a free evaluation to suit your needs.

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